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There are many people out there who have yet to sign up for online banking.  I am quite surprised, however some people are very guarded with their finances.  The thought of that information being out there is very stressful for some.  The fact that the bank’s website could be hacked into or just plain old identity theft is enough to keep individuals away.

I have been using online banking for as long as I can remember and have never had a problem.  For me, there are so many perks.  I don’t have to wait in line or plan my day around the banks hours and I can look at my bank balance whenever I want.  I can also check to see when items have cleared the bank account.

In additon to viewing my balances online, I can also pay bills, transfer funds, set up recurring bill payments or transfers, monitor my investments, order cheques, and apply for loans or credit cards.

I find that online banking is very convenient for me and has allowed me to stay in control of my finances and has given me much better money management.

I suggest that if you sign up for online banking at your financial institution.  You will be happy that you did and wonder why you waited so long.

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